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Here are the long-awaited pictures from our 1985 six-weeks in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

Here are some of the paintings and watercolors that my wife Caryl has done.

Detachment D, 6910th Radio Squadron Mobile Reunion, Las Vegas, Sept 6th - 8th, 2002
Berlin Det. D. Reunion

In October of 2002, we adopted a mini-poodle that we named Casey. Here are some pictures.

Here are the web pages from our Alaska Cruise, June 8, through the 18th of 2002.
Alaska Cruise

For those of you interested in Astronomy, visit my Moon pages, for moon features and their names visible in a decent telescope, or binoculars.

To view an extremely interesting example of woodworking,

Here are some pictures from our cymbidium orchids

Here are some pictures from some of our Halloweens.

Halloween Pictures
Halloween 2001


Halloween 2015

Here is a Jack-O-Lantern automaton that I created out of 110 lb cardstock.


Here is a Halloween House I built (out of cardstock) for a table display this year (2009).
halloween house.htm 

Here are some of the Insights I have gained over the years, especially while teaching Huna classes at a local Unity Church.

Here are some of the books that I have owned, and studied very carefully.

Well, I have been hooked into a new hobby. I am now doing pop-up greeting cards. Here are some pictures of my latest efforts. Please be patient, as it takes some time to load with a dial-up connection. Enjoy!
Greeting Cards

Here is the latest paper project I have completed.

Chinese Dragon

I have completed a Locomotive Paper project.


Here is the Carousel I made. There is a movie.


Here is the Articulated Ladder Truck I made.

Ladder Truck

And this is the London Tower Bridge model that I made.

London Tower Bridge

Here is the Christmas Centerpiece I made for Christmas, 2010.

Christmas 2010

Here is a 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Convertible Coupe.

Chevrolet Convertible

And here is an Elephant playing the cymbals.

Elephant Playing the Cymbals

Monkey playing the drum

Monkey playing the drum

I have set up an account of my military history. It can be found here.
mil history

We have adopted a new member of the family.


I have finally got enough nerve up to start putting together the doll house my son bought my wife many years ago. Here is the start of the project.

Building a Doll House

Here is a quick tip for Household Safety for Seniors:
Household Safety

Here are some dowsing charts.

Dowsing Charts

The Annular Eclipse, 20 May, 2012. Did manage to get some images, although the focus is not quite what I wanted. Here they are.

Annular Eclipse

I made a Rudolph for our Christmas yard display. Here are some pictures.


A while back, I put together a model of the Golden Gate bridge. It is a tiny thing.

Golden Gate Bridge Model

Over the years, I have been doing cartoons. Most of them pertain to my studies in metaphysics.


We are going Solar!


If you would like to have your numerology analysis done, send me your full birth name and date of birth. I will send you a numerology readout in either text format, Microsoft Word (Versions 97 up to 2000) format, or Adobe Portable Data Format (PDF) attachment. Please specify as whether you wish the reply in text, as a word,  or a PDF document.

Send the information to my email address below.

To contact me, send an email toemail(this email is inactive to foil the netbots. You will need to write it out in an email To: line to reach me.)

The Little Book

I have written a book called "The Little Book, or What You Were Never Told When Attempting To Find A Mate".
It is material that I have evolved over several years of paying attention to what people have told me about how hard it is to find a mate, and then I find them doing all the wrong things, looking for all the things they say they don't want. I figured out why this is so. If you would like a copy, email me at the above address, and send me your snail mail address. I will send you my snail mail address. The cost is $10.00 U.S.

by Keith L. Smyth, 2004