These are some of the paintings and watercolors from the palette of my wife, Caryl. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture. I have included some close-ups so that the detail may be studied.

The framed or matted pictures were photographed on the wall. It is very hard to get a correct proportioned image with a camera, in a room full of furniture. Please excuse the camera distortion of these pictures.

Some of these pictures have hot spots which allows a view of a smaller area. Mouse over the picture to discover the hotspots.

Roses (oil)
10" h x 8" w
(Hotspot, lower right hand rose)

Rose (watercolor)
11" h x 13" w

Eagle, unframed (oil)
40" h x 30" w
(Hotspots, Head and Body)

Poppies (oil)
12" h x 16" w
(Hotspot center of painting)

   Lower Rose Rose 1 Eagle Head
Eagle Head Eagle Body Eagle Poppies Closeup Poppies © by Keith L. Smyth, 2004