Here is the setup I use to do sunspot photography. In fact, the only difference between sunspot and moon shots is the solar filter on the front of the scope.

Scope Setup

 The scope has a sun filter on it, and an eyepiece color camera from Orion Telescope in Cupertino. The output of the camera is fed to a "Y" connector, one leg into the camcorder. The other leg goes into the VCR. The output of the VCR is displayed on the TV. Since the TV does not have the newer RCA input jacks, I have to go through the VCR. The VCR makes it possible to more accurately focus the telescope into the camera. The viewscreen on the camcorder is just too small to ensure that one is getting a good focus. But it works. Here is one of the sunspot pictures I took.

Since this is the size that comes out of the camera when downloaded to the computer, there is no larger image to view.