Here are some pictures of my new Scope Eyepiece Camera setup.

Here is how the Telrad Reflex Finder works:

When you look through the viewing area, you have reticles. Center the target in the smallest reticle. The finder is aligned with
the telescope barrel. The target can then be located in the eyepiece of the telescope. I have made sure the finder is accurately
aligned with the telescope.

Below is the Solar Filter.

Below is the accessory case which holds my eyepieces, filters, etc. The batteries are for the illuminated reticles in the finder
telescope mounted on top of the large scope.

Below shows the Eyepiece camera installed. The solar filter is on the front.

The JIM's MotoFocus is a battery operated focus control. Reduces jitter in the scope.

And here is a shot of my new notebook computer used to grab the images from the camera.

And here I am, with my equipment, and BIA (Berlin Island Association) cap.

This thing is so big that I have to take it apart to stow it. Below is the tripod with the wedge, and viewing chair. The tripod
and wedge weighs in at 22 lbs. The telescope weighs in at 26 lbs (without tripod and wedge).

Scope put in garage, ready to be stowed.

Stowage cover in place. In the corner, under the pet carriers is the hard storage case for the telescope.

The next item is a Scope Buggy. This will allow me to have the scope set up all the time, and just wheel it out onto the
driveway. Here is what they look like:

The yellow dealie-do on the rear axel is a portable jump battery to run the electronics
of the scope.

Here is a really good shot. Look at the size of that scope (Drool Drool)!

Caryl says the "Accessory" in red is a no-no. I have all the accessories that I need, right here. Ha.