On Aug. 6th, 2009, we adopted a two year old Chihuahua mix from the shelter.
We named him Maximilian, for he is mexican, and Emporer Maximilian...

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Max and Bell are snoozing. Just not quite acquainted yet.

Well, I guess I will let her stay there for a while yet.

Ben and Bell are enjoying their new Helicopter perch! (The stuff on the couch is to
keep them off it.)

Hey, this is a nice big back yard! Is it mine?

Is that the gate down there? Can I go out?

Nice sunny place for a good stretch!

Think I will get a little sun, it is so nice and warm!

Hmmm... Eyes at half-mast. Must be all that sun!
He is a very good boy, pretty quiet, well mannered, comes when he is called, walks on
the leash real well, and just seems to be a good match for us. We are very happy with
him. He seems to be very happy with us!