Making Our Dollhouse

Several years ago, my son bought my wife Caryl, a doll house. I finally got up enough nerve to try and put that thing together. You know what? It is fun!

Here is a picture of the house, off the box.
Told you the box was old!
Here is what the inside layout looks like.

Here I have the two side walls, the three front walls, and the first floor temporarily taped in place.

Second floor temporarily taped in place.

Front, and door. Hey, this is getting to look pretty good!

Here is a close up of the door. Very cute. It is laying on the second floor.

Here the stairs are temporarily set in place to check fit. Looking pretty

Got the inside all primed, ready for wall papering, and painting the window sills.
Now where did those ~!@# tape wires go?

Got the outside all primed. Now have to paint the window and door trim next.

Left side primed.

Right side primed.

Door ready for painting.

And here is the bottom floor ceiling all primed, electrical ready to connect to right wall.

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