Electrical Wiring

Here is how the house is wired. Still haven't got it all finished yet, waiting on some grommets the correct size to make wall outlets for the miniature lamps.

This shows how the power is applied to the side of the house.

The power line runs under the first floor, to make connection with a wall connection on the
right hand wall.

This shows the entire run under the first floor.

Here is a close up of the connection to the right hand wall.

The second floor will contain the master bedroom, the bathroom, and the nursery.
Those connections are made along the second floor wall.

More of both the first and second floor runs. The bottom floor, right hand side is the
living room, just off the offset, and in line with the front door is the dining room. Next
to the dining room is the kitchen.

Not much more can be said about this shot.

The second floor run will make the connections for the over the dining room table light,
and the kitchen ceiling light. Since we have to paint, and wallpaper, not all the connections
can be made yet. Second floor is only installed for this picture.