The following items are bits and pieces of insights I gained over the years.  I learned these lessons from many of my activities in my life, such as twelve years in the U.S.A.F., as well as E.S.T. (Erhardt Seminars Training), Silva Mind Control basic and Advanced courses, then I found the Huna material from Max Freedom Long's books, Secret Science Behind Miracles, Secret Science At Work, Huna Code In Religion, Psychometric Analysis, and Self Suggestion. I have read many other books on Huna, but none of them have the impact and basic knowledge the Max Freedom Long books do.

I taught the Advanced Huna Magic course at the Unity Church, Palo Alto Ca., in 1972-73, where I was president of the board of directors. The minister taught the basic Huna Magic course. These courses were both taught using the Secret Science Behind Miracles, and The Secret Science At Work books. They were extremely popular with the congregation, as well as people who were not Unity Church members. We welcomed all to the classes.

These classes, along with EST and Silva Mind Control seminars, opened me up to memories of my NDE (Near Death Experiences) in 1949. See the 1949 article below.

You are very welcome to view and use them for your own benefit. However, these items are copyrighted, and cannot be reproduced and used for commercial purposes, without my explicit permission to do so.

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