By Rev. Keith Smyth


The above signature is that of Rev. Keith Smyth. His expertise is in Huna, Biofeedback, computers, dreams, science and electronics. He is doing research in some of the above areas. He is a Technical Writer, electronics Instructor and Metaphysical Teacher. He is also a cartoonist and contributes many for our Rainbow Connection.

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One day I was sitting at my computer, entering a program I had written, in the language called "BASIC" - which it isn't, really. But anyway I was struck by an anomaly. Human beings have never managed to invent anything that does not resemble some aspect of themselves. Think not? What about a wheel or a gear, you say. Well, what about them? Swing your arm in a circle, pivoting from your shoulder. Viola, a wheel. Interlace your fingers. Gears!

Everything mechanical can be broken down into two motions. Back and forth, and rotary. Think about that! Push/pull, and round and round. That is all there is in mechanical motion.

Then there is electronics. Well, we are full of electronics! Bio-electronics! Biologically based electricity. Biological based switches to handle the logic circuitry.

Anyway, I was typing away and decided I had better save the stuff I had typed in on my disk. I entered the command and the disk drive whirled for a few seconds, making a slight ratcheting sound, and I thought "Man oh man! Isn't this neat? Enter a command and the stuff is saved on plastic, ready for recall and immediate use."

Then it struck me. This is what we do, when we memorize stuff. Enter the command and the data is stored in brain cells. So then I wanted to change a step in the program, and I had begun working on a new program, so I saved the new one, called the old one back, and commanded it to do the mathematics and print the results on the screen, so that I could verify what it had been doing, in order to re-format the print-out. What I got on the screen was pure garbage.

I entered the command "LIST" which causes each step of the program to list out on the screen. Intermixed with the steps of my program were the remains of a previous program with the same name. You see, a computer is a very fast calculator and number crunchier, but DUMB!!! In this case, so was the programmer. What I had done was change the old program by adding some steps. These steps are numbered, and I usually number the steps in increments of 10, beginning with 10, so that if I have to add something, I can slide the new steps in between say 10 and 20, by using steps 11, 13, etc. This time, I had called the program back, without telling the computer it was a new program, and it intermixed with the program numbers that I already had on the screen. Pure garbage.

But Boy, did I get an education there! This is precisely what we do. Enter a program into our non-conscious level of memory, then later on, recall it and intermix it with a program already in progress, and the results are totally unpredictable. Now I cannot say for sure how to make sure a previous program is erased, except to observe my actions, thoughts and physical sensations to verify that I am not doing the same things over and over again. (Round and round. Remember?)

But the point I want to make is that our para-conscious minds operate very much like a computer. It does exactly and precisely what we have programed into it. The para-conscious mind (those levels of mind not under conscious mind control) uses habit patterns in order to free the conscious mind for decision making on new data. We operate on automatic pilot for most of the time. Even our thoughts and emotions in given circumstances are habitual. Until and unless we become consciously aware that what we are doing is not what we want to do, we will continue doing the same things over and over again.

Until we enter a conscious, emotional command "CHANGE PROGRAM XYZ", nothing will happen. Why should it? But when we do enter that emotional conscious command, and then consciously CHOOSE to exhibit a different action, the program doesn't change either. You see, we must also consciously choose a new thinking pattern, and set of actions in order for the command to have any effect.

Even in choosing to not do a previous action, to choose to do nothing instead of something, is a change in actions. This is always a result of the change of a mental thought pattern. Emotions also ALWAYS follow conscious or non-conscious thinking. That is to say, if we always allow the para-conscious habit pattern to generate our emotions, without being consciously aware that we can change our thinking, thereby changing our emotions, we are locked into a non-alterable program.