By Rev. Keith Smyth


The above signature is that of Rev. Keith Smyth. His expertise is in Huna, Biofeedback, computers, dreams, science and electronics. He is doing research in some of the above areas. He is a Technical Writer, Electronics Instructor and Metaphysical Teacher. He is also a cartoonist and contributes many for our Rainbow Connection.

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The title, in essence, says it all. But in order to arrive at this understanding, one must first come to the realization that life is in fact, a voyage. It is a voyage from the past to the future, and from the known to the unknown.

It is very seldom that we are able to absorb this knowledge at a level other than the conscious mind, and come to grips with it at these deeper levels.

Life is a voyage. That phrase carries a sense of excitement, of surprise and can also be a sense of dread, if you are not prepared for what can happen.

Let us take a look at a typical voyage. Say a trip to visit some friends or relatives. We plan on how long we are going to stay, we usually have knowledge or a good estimate of how long the actual travel time to get there will take, and the return trip. Someone figures out what clothes to take, what recreation will be available there, and gets these things ready for the trip.

The vehicle is checked over, if you are not travelling by commercial carrier, and the minor repairs necessary are taken care of, to insure the safety of all concerned.

So, then the trip starts, after everything is loaded aboard. What fun and excitement!

But what about your life? Has it received this level of planning, if it has received any planning at all?

If you view you life as a voyage, then some form of guidelines are necessary. Are you going to be any different in ten years than you are now? Of course you are, if only ten years older. But where will you be in getting to where you want to be?

There is a necessary planning stage to be done, in life's voyage. It is called goal setting. If your goal is to live a quiet, non-adventurous life, then this also must be planned for, because whether you know it or not, adventures will happen to you.

The kind of planning I am speaking of, is not necessarily the kind for an auto trip. But there is another type of planning, and it deals with what it is you want, and what there is about you that prevents this from happening.

Because there is a truth here. If there was not something or some attitude present that prevents this from becoming real, you would already have this.