Five Steps To Hell

By Rev. Keith Smyth


The above signature is that of Rev. Keith Smyth. His expertise is in Huna, Biofeedback, computers, dreams, science and electronics. He is doing research in some of the above areas. He is a Technical Writer, Electronics Instructor and Metaphysical Teacher. He is also a cartoonist and contributes many for our Rainbow Connection.

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There are five definitive steps that lead to an internal experience of Hell. If you follow these steps with dedication and determination, you too can have your own private experience of Hell inside.

The first step is an experience of no dedication. This requires an immense amount of effort, in order to way-lay and side track any dedication to anything except the experience of having only dedication to not having any dedication.

This is an important experience, in which you find yourself unable to generate any interest in anything. Nothing interests you in this life, except the feeling of loss, the sensations of no interest. In other words, your only interest is not having any interest.

The second step is having no sense of importance. This step is essential because if you suddenly find that you feel that your life has meaning, or that you have some importance in life's essence, your experience of Hell is lessened. You must work very seriously at losing whatever sense of importance you have managed to build up. Without a sense of importance to yourself or to others, it is far easier to experience Hell.

The third step is crucial. This is a sense of insecurity, the ability to be unable to see any alternatives of any sort. It is also the ability to hang on for dear life to that which hurts you, for fear that what you do not have will hurt you more than what is hurting you now. Better an evil that you know than one you do not, eh?

The fourth step is a real beaut. It is the incredible ability to contemplate only failure and problems. You must cultivate this ability to the utmost, in order to experience inner Hell, and manage to see only difficulties, problems with no solutions, and failure of any effort you put out.

The fifth step will guarantee absolute success in your endeavor to live in inner Hell, and that is generating a feeling of emptiness. The ability to have no sense of fulfillment of any kind. Never mind anything nice or good that has happened to you, certainly just an accident, right? Always look for a way to negate it, so that you can generate that sense of loss, emptiness; to see only lack in your life. If you are now doing these things, just keep it up, and I promise you that if you are not already, you will shortly experience such a profound experience of Hell that it will be a joy to you forever. I say this because it is obvious that your wish for Hell is greater than any desire for any good that you may think you want. Congratulations on your trials and tribulations. They could also be your path to heaven, but you choose to see them as Hell.