By Rev. Keith L. Smyth


The above signature is that of Rev. Keith Smyth. His expertise is in Huna, Biofeedback, computers, dreams, science and electronics. He is doing research in some of the above areas. He is a Technical Writer, Electronics Instructor and Metaphysical Teacher. He is also a cartoonist and contributes many for our Rainbow Connection.

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It is easy to have faith in the Higher Self when things are going well, and circumstances are easy. When circumstances are difficult and things are tough is when faith is needed most of all, and the least easy to come by.

In using the term "Faith", I am using it in the definition of "having complete trust or confidence in --- loyalty". Easy to say, isn't it? Not so easy to come by. Why is that?

My observation is that we have been taught not to trust what our five senses cannot gauge, and in my observation and that of others, the five senses not only can, but do, lie to us unmercifully.

So how can we have complete confidence or trust in that which our five senses cannot reach? Better the question, why do we have so much trust and confidence in that which our five senses do reach? Because we have seen so often how what we thought we saw was in fact in error to what was actually taking place, the same for hearing. About the only sense that is not in error is touch.

Proof? Well, if the eyes are blindfolded, and the nose plugged up, the sense of taste cannot tell the difference between potato, apple and onion. So there.

What then is this Higher Self, that we should have such complete trust and confidence in? It is the Godhood in the spirit of man. It is that which is divine in each, and is therefore incapable of falsity. It can only be truth, manifest.

It is that part of ourselves which is our own future. In a direct revelation, I was given the following words: "My son/daughter -" this is a word phrase concept which we have no word for, I suppose "Childling" is as close as can be come. Neither male nor female, both in one.

"You who seek me out, and find me, I am all that you ever have been and ever will be in all possibilities. I am that which you have evolved into at all levels of dimensions. I am your "Parentling" of your own far future. I am the eons of centuries you have lived. All that is, I Am. You are the Childling that I must obey. For to become me, you learn. For you are me, and I am you, the all of you that is. Childling of my Being, always remember, each and every thought you think, each and every image you create is a command for me to obey, for I, as yourself, must always and forever obey myself, else I cannot be. What you power with your emotions is in fact created for you as an answer to your prayer. All prayers are answered. There is no deviation.

Inherent in anything you want, money, material possessions, everything, is the probability of it being and not being. No situation, no relationship, no possession is required for the continuance of your probability futures. Inherent in the desire is the probability of being and not being. Therefore, remember, you can have what you want, and you can destroy what you want. It requires only one desire to destroy what you think you want, if the fear of having it is greater than the desire to have it.

Childling of my Past, give me what I desire. For I desire to give you all that you wish. I must. Therefore, wish carefully, for it shall be. It is my wish and desire and function to make real that which you want. Give me your hearts desire and I shall give you your hearts desire. Always it has been thus, always it shall be thus. In order to learn, to evolve into that which you are, I must give you that which you image, all of it, so that the teaching comes. I make real, physical, that which you want, that you become me. I am yourself from all your own far futures, all probabilities. We are one." This is the Higher Self. This is the Godhead within, the Christ Consciousness, the knowledge that we do not end, that we continue, and are forever teaching ourselves to be one with ourselves.

We are the physical expression of God, we are the mental expression of God. We are that which is God, independent and free-willed. Yet we also must learn that in order to achieve the status of Co-creator with God, we must learn what to image.

There is nothing that we cannot have. We can have all our fears, hates, terrors, angers, limitations, everything. It does not matter. We learn what we learn, when we learn it. We can have all our goodies, it does not matter. We learn what we learn, when we learn it. Having faith in ourselves, at all levels just makes it easier.