Household Tip for Senior Home Owners

Do you or your spouse have problems getting up or down the front step? We live in a small, 3 bedroom, bath and a half single story home. My wife has a bit of a problem with the front step. She fell in 2000, hurt her back, and is now a little dicey on stairs. We had been looking for some kind of banister to put at the front step. The problem is that the door is inset. I couldn't find anything that looked like it would fit, that didn't have banister rungs (I don't know the terminology - you know those things that go from the step up to hold the banister in place).

To make a long story (3 years) short, the other day I was in a medical supply house looking for one of those wide rubber bands that is used in physical therapy. My wife does "Sit and Be Fit" exercises, and needed one. Lo and Behold! Look what I found! (Click on picture to open larger picture).

 Grab Bar

An ordinary bathroom safety grab bar, 24 inches long!

Here is another view.

The only hard part was finding those blasted 2X4 studs! Now my wife feels a lot safer!