At Work, with the Pop-Up Cards.


This is a shot of the tools I use to create the pop-up cards. See below for a listing of tool use.


And here I am, making one of the cards.

Light Box - used to project up through the template to make accurate cuts.
Drafting Tape - p
rimarily used to hold down the thread prepatory to gluing.
Magnifying Visor - to see and cut accurately.
Stylus - used to crease paper for folds.
X-Acto Knife - used to make the cuts.
Ruler - measure and guide creases and cuts. This ruler has a metal backing.
Cutting Pad - Self-healing cutting pad.
Tweezers - position and hold string for gluing, make folds inside card.
Rice Paper - used to make hinges, re-enforce joints, and hold thread when glued.
compass - create circles.
Erasure - erase mistakes, what else?
Thread - used to create the pulling action on some pop-up sections.
Glue - glue things.