Spaulding, England

We went to the Bulb Festival in Spaulding. These are the Tulip and Daffodil bulbs. Spaulding is the center of growing these things in the U.K. Some of these bulbs were shipped to Holland which got the Dutch Tulip growing started.

Here is the group from the bus - Caryl in front, next to Rich (dark coat), beside the baby stroller. Left to right, from Rich, Carol, Shirely, (friend of Rich and Carol - one of their sponsers), the daughters boy friend - in the Redskins jacket - Shirley's daughter, and Stanley, Shirley's husband.

This is the bulb festival parade. It is the local equivalent of the Rose Parade. In a small town of 2500, there were approximately 25,000 (that is twenty-five thousand) visitors that day. This is the Woody Woodpecker parade.

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