England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland - 1985

From April 15 to June 1, 1985 we got to spend six weeks in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Here are some photographs of those incredible days. Click on any picture to see an enlarged version of it.

Our transportation around the UK. One small Volkswagon Rabbit.

We were the guests of Rich and Carol Lenhart, the son of my then girl friend (now wife) Caryl. We went over in the last two weeks of April, 1985 to see Caryl's new 6 week old adopted grandson.

We were in the UK. for six weeks. It was glorious!!!! We only met two grouches in the entire trip - and they were there just to keep perspective, as every one else was wonderfully friendly.

Rich Lenhart was an Exchange Teacher, who traded jobs, and houses, with an English family for a year. The picture above is in Dronefield, just outside of Sheffield and Leeds. Rich was lecturing on Accountancy at Leeds Polytechnical Institute. His lecturing schedule was so arrangened that he only lectured a certain length of time during certain weeks, so that they could travel and absorb the culture. The even made it to Moscow, Spain, Germany, and I don't know where all. They had a wonderful time. This is about our wonderful time in the six weeks we were there.

This is the church of the twisted spire, in Chesterfield, England.

Legend has it, that if a virgin ever gets married in this church, the spire will straighten. As to why it is twisted: Here is a statement from the British Tourist Bureau. "Chesterfield is famous for the 'Crooked Spire' of its Parish Church, which stands on the skyline like a question mark - how did it happen? Answers are easy to come by - some  blame the Devil, some say lightning, one 'expert' even blamed bell ringing! But the truth is a little harder to find. Here's a clue - the  lead tiles which cover the wooden spire weigh 32 tons!

Shortly after our arrival, we went to Belfast Ireland, to attend an Exchange Teachers conference with Rich and his wife Carol.