Hartington, England

These are the "Tinkley Bells" Morris Dancers. If you saw the movie "Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang" with Dick Van Dyke, those dancers in the movie were the "Raggedy Men" and "Stick Men" Dancers. Each region seems to have had their own group. As to how old  Morris Dancing is, here is a quote: "In the written record, some form of dance called Morris can be documented in England as far back as the 15th century. The earliest known reference is in a will from 1458 which mentions a "silver cup sculpted with Morris dance."  There are other wills which describe the disposition of other  similar cups; some of these cups were in the possession of the royal family. So at its earliest known point Morris was already common enough to have spawned a knickknack industry."

The Ladies do their dance.

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