Bolsover, England

We went to the Bruce Haig Bolsover Castle, Bolsover England for a Jousting match. This castle was a riding academy in the 12th century. The modern jousting match did not use horses, as they might damage the turf at this National Treasure site. Don't blame them. These Knights are retired Bobbies, their families and friends. The proceeds shows are used for local orphanages.

Story line: Duke Sir Somebody-Or-Other left to fight in the Holy land on the Crusades. Baron Nasty Narvus usurped the good Duke's land, and attempted same on the good Duke's wife - and she was able to repulse him. Fortunately, the Duke had the key with him ('struth - that is what the story line said!).

All the costumes, trappings, and weapons are hand made by the participants.

Main avenue to the main gate.

California (transplanted Kansasan) tourist in main gate. Modern gate materials, original gate posts.

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