Annular Eclipse, 20 May, 2012.

Got some pictures through the telescope, both of the beginning of the eclipse, and some of the sunspots I took before the eclipse.

The wind came up, and the scope was moving around a little too much to get any more pictures of the eclipse. Bummer.

The pictures are somewhat out of focus, as it is extremely difficult to get a sharp focus on this camera. Even with
an electric driven focuser to minimize jitter, it is extremely difficult to get a good shot. Because of the wind jitter, I
was unable to do what is called "Stacking", to bring the images into a sharper focus. I was lucky to get
images this good .

Here are the pictures:

The circular rings are dust specs on the internal lens of the scope, there is no way I can get them out.

And now for the eclipse!

Had to move the camera here.

Got a little wind movement here.

And here, the eclipse is eating up the sunspot!