June 16th, 2002 - At Sea

At 2:00 A.M. the ship's clocks were advanced 1 hour to GMT -7. Throughout the day Regal Princess maintained a southeasterly heading and by 9:30 A.M. was 20 nautical miles west of the Scott Islands which lie of the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Our noon position found us on a latitude of 49°54'North and a Longitude of 129°15'West. By 5:00 P.M. we had reached a position approximately 145 nautical miles of Cape Flattery, the most northwestern peninsular of Washington. Throughout the day the wind speed increased and by late evening there was a strong southerly wind blowing, the outside air temperature reached a high of 14°C/57°F and the sky remained overcast with isolated rain showers.

Formal night in the dining room.

This is our table. Top left, Timo and Kerttu Auvinen (Finnish, by way of Chico Ca), Horace and Barbara Keifer (Enon Ohio), and yours truly. Timo was a spoon. (That is what stirs the pot to see what will bubble up. I wouldn't know ANY THING about THAT!) We had a blast. We laughed so much at dinner that we went to our cabin with our sides hurting.

© by Keith L. Smyth, 2002