June 15th, 2002 - KETCHIKAN, Alaska

In the early hours of the morning Regal Princess rounded the northern peninsular of the Prince of Wales Island passing through 'Snow Passage'. At 6:30 A.M. Regal Princess left Clarence Strait and entered into the Tongass Narrows, which led us to the town of Ketchikan. At 7:54 A.M. Regal Princess was in her anchoring position of Pennock Island where we dropped the starboard anchor (55° 20' North, 131° 39' West). Once all of our tenders had been lowered into the water, a continuous tendering service was run from the ship to the floating pier ashore. At 5:00 P.M. the starboard anchor was 'put in gear' and once 'aweigh' headway was made once more through the Tongass Narrows and in to Hecate Strait where various southerly headings were set.

Ketchikan was a great disappointment to us, as we did not know that the ship would be at anchor in the harbor. The other three ships are the Holland America Veedam, the Norwegian Wind, and the Dawn Princess. We had to miss our tour of the Saxman Indian Village and Totems. Caryl simply could not get up the steep ramp (35°) from the tender to the dock. We were at low tide, and the tide height here is 20 feet. If you go to the large view, and look right between the last two ships, you can see the tenders at the water level dock. The land is at the top of the dark mass above the tenders). Since we were not notified of anchoring until the night before getting to Ketchikan, we could not get a refund on the tour. The cancellation request had to be in by Thursday, June 13th. What a bummer.

© by Keith L. Smyth, 2002