June 14th, 2002 - JUNEAU, Alaska

Shortly after 4:00 A.M. Regal Princess left Stephens Passage and commenced her approach towards Juneau in Gastineau Channel and by 6:00 A.M. was 'all fast' alongside Juneau's large wooden Ferry Pier (58° 24' North, 134° 30 West). Regal Princess remained moored alongside for the duration of the day. On departing Juneau, Regal Princess retraced her steps in Gastineau Channel and various southerly courses were set passing through Stephens Passage, Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait.

This is the Cruise Ship Dawn Princess.

South Franklin Street in Juneau, just off the dock.

That is Mt. Bradley, 3337 ft, appearing over the bow of the Regal.

Bear and Salmon

Get your own fish. This one is mine!

What can I say?

Still can't say anything!

Looking toward Mt. Juneau (3576 ft).

Then we got back on the boat, and headed for Ketchikan.

© by Keith L. Smyth, 2002