June 13th, 2002- TRACY ARM, Alaska

In the early hours of the rooming Regal Princess rounded Cape Ommany, the southern most tip of the Baranof Island and a northerly heading was then set in Chatham Strait, which lead us into Frederick Sound, and finally Stephens Passage. Shortly after noon Regal Princess commenced her approach towards Tracy Arm navigating off Harbour Island and then entering into Tracy Arm via the small entrance passing over the Moraine Bar. Once inside Tracy Arm various courses were navigated leading us to South Sawyer Glacier where we positioned (57° 37' North 133° 43' West) the ship so that everyone could experience this amazing sight. The Captain then maneuvered the ship around and we retraced our route, with many passengers spotting mountain goats, grazing in the rugged terrain. Once clear of Tracy Arm a northwesterly course was set towards Juneau.

There are going to be a lot of pictures here, so have patience.

Water fall on the way up the fjord.

Close up.

This is how steep the fjord is alongside the ship. There are actually a couple of Mountain Sheep up there. Can't see them in this picture though. Look on the enlarged version. I have marked them.

Seals on the ice flows coming up to the Sawyer Glacier.

Mother and pup. They haul out on the flows to give birth.

There is the South Sawyer glacier. Over to the left, just to the left of a rather large ice flow is a fishing boat. Gives you a perspective on the size.

The rest of the pictures are pulled off a video camera. Not too happy with sharpness of the image, but one makes do.

Boat wake heading into the fjord.

These are the mountains surrounding the fjord.

More mountains.

This is the South Sawyer Glacier. That is a fishing boat right in front of the glacier. Tiny isn't it?

Well, may it isn't so tiny! The glacier wall at the point behind the boat is about 250 feet high.

Better shot of the boat.

One of the spires getting ready to calve. Didn't see any dropping off while we were there. Bummer. That baby probably weighs in at about 3 to 4 tons. It will drop deep into the fjord, and then ram upward. Pity any ship or boat that is in its path on the way up. It will shatter the hull. Won't do the boat or ship much good if it gets hit when the calf is on its way down either!

Ice caves cause by calving.


Seal on a flow.

Ice flows coming away from the glacier.

There is that boat again! The dark spot in the water close to right edge of the picture are seals.

Giving birth.

And so ends our tour of the glacier. On to Juneau.

© by Keith L. Smyth, 2002