June 9th, 2002 - At Sea

Shortly after 7:00 A.M. Regal Princess rounded Cape Mendocino and set a northerly heading transiting the coast of California. Our noon position was 41°47' North 125°01' West which was some 30 nautical miles due west of the California, Oregon border. Throughout the day there had been a strong north-northwesterly wind blowing, and the sea conditions remained rough, the outside air temperature reached a high of 13°C/55° F and the sky was clear from cloud.

At breakfast, (we always had breakfast in the buffet on the Lido deck, Cafe del Sol). Good breakfast, scrambled eggs, or an omelet, bacon, cold cuts, croissants, milk. Lots of other nice stuff to knosh also! Now, I am a coffee drinker. Caryl drinks decaf tea. I got a cup of coffee. It was so black in that cup, I knew I was in trouble. I took a sip. Right. Extra dark, burnt Turkish roast, made extra strong. That crap was so strong it would have yanked a heart transplant patient out of anesthesia! Thank God I took my own coffee, and my little one-cup Melita filter coffee maker with us! I had decent coffee. The coffee on the ship was the most frequent complaint I heard, along with the music being too loud in the shows.

One guy said that he lasted a whole three minutes in that blast of sound. He said he had a headache and ear ache for three days after attending a show. I stopped by on the first day out to listen to a rehearsal. The door to the show lounge was closed, and I could hear them all the way down the hall to the dining room! Check the ships stats on the Home page. This is a LONG ship - 811 ft, 8 in. Of course, that is the external length. The internal length of the Promenade deck is about 700 ft.

We had the same problem with the other lounges, full of extremely loud drunks, and smokers. Speaking of drinks, one bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel wine was $24.00 in the dining room ($5.99 at Safeway). An individual glass of wine was $8.57. A coke was $1.73.

This was our first formal evening dinner.

Carving set up outside the Palm Court dining room


Ain't we purty?

© by Keith L. Smyth, 2002