32 Chevie Confederate Convertible Coupe

Here is the latest project, a 32 Chevie.

Internal view - isn't that a neat cockpit?

Radiator cover and bumber braces

Side view, chassis complete, along with the front fenders

Front view

Side view of chassis and front fenders

Rear veiw, rear step and internal view of cockpit

Left side view

Right side view, rear fenders, front and rear bumpers, and front light/horn bar

Slightly different angle view

Rear bumer, and tail/brake lights.

Head lights and horns

Tires on

Looking good

Hmmm... might have to do something about that front tire camber....

And now some of the patterns...

Tire patterns

Fender Patterns - front fenders cut out

Bumper Patterns   

And there you have it.