Smyth's Cartoon Book

Ever since I was 14 years old, and a rather traumatic incident happened to me, I have been interested in metaphysics. Only in those days, we only had the word "Occult", which carries with it a very negative connotation. Nevertheless, I have stuck my nose into as many religions and philosophies as I could.

In 1973, I started doing work on a cartoon book about what I had learned (the hard way) about life and emotional balance, in general.

Here are the results. I hope you enjoy them.


In grateful appreciation, this book is dedicated to my wife, Caryl, without whom this effort could not have been accomplished, at least not without much more time, energy and effort. Also, to my many friends and all my family for their support and encouragement.


And last, but not least, to the Motley Crew.


Thanks, Motlies!


I have originated these cartoons primarily as an aid in understanding myself and others. These cartoons are meant to be studied and meditated on time and again. They are also meant to poke fun at ourselves for getting too SERIOUS in our seeking. Some may find themselves upset or offended by some of these cartoons. Wonderful! Examine the upset or sensations of being offended and discover where the belief system came from. Read the definitions of belief in any good dictionary.




Reverend Keith L. Smyth





 And that is all there is FOR THE MOMENT! Whenever the hilarities of life overpower me again, there WILL be more!