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These pictures are from the new addition being built at "It's a Burl" in Kerby Oregon. They can be contacted at www.itsaburl.com, or emailed at itsaburl@frontiernet.net For more pictures of the burls, go to http://smythwad.best.vwh.net/, and click on "Oregon".

 East Landing

Looking Eastward from the upper landing


Looking up the stairs

 Looking up to the walkway
Looking up to the walkway to the bathroom and walkway around the side

Walkway supports
Support of the walkway mosiac

Primary support
Looking Southeast underneath the walkway

Loft Support, looking North
Looking North from the stairs to the main landing

Looking south on the main floor
Looking South from the loft to the main floor supports

Looking south up to the walkway
Looking from the main floor up to the walkway outside the bathroom

 Another view of the support
Looking South, one of the main loft supports

Top of walkway to the bathroom
Looking East from bathroom entrance to stairs

Big Knob!
Big Knob

 Close up of knob
Close up - Big Knob

Shower entrance
Shower Entrance - hand shaped river rock

Shower bench and walls
Shower Bench, drain and walls - hand shaped river rock

Close up of shower walls
Shower Walls

 The next page shows some continuations being made at It's A Burl.

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