Some Of The Books That I Own And Have Studied.


Max Freedom Long Books

"Introduction to Huna”, 1975, HIR, Esoteric Pubs Publisher

"Recovering The Ancient Magic”, Huna Press, 1978

"Secret Science Behind Miracles”, 7th Edition, MLF, Devross Publisher

"Secret Science At Work”, 11th Printing, MLF, Devross Publisher

"The Huna Code In Religion”, 1965, MLF, Devross Publisher

"Growing Into Light”, 1955, MLF, Devross Publisher

"Psychometric Analysis”, 1959, MLF, Devross Publisher

"Self-Suggestion”, 1959 HRI, Devross Publisher

"What Jesus Taught In Secret”, 1983, Devross Publisher (Copyrighted by Dolly Ware, Heir to all of Max’s work and research, Owner and Curator of Max Freedom Long Library)

"Mana”, 6th Edition, 1981 HRI

"Short Talks On Huna”, 1978, Huna Press

"Taro Card Symbology”, 3rd Revised Edition, 1983, Huna Research, Inc.

All of the Huna Bulletins and many of Max's other writings.


Other Authors - Many of these books I don't have the publication date, as they are in storage.

Serge King "Kahuna Healing", 1983, The Theosophical Publishing House

Enid Hoffman "Huna, A Beginners Guide”, 1976, Whitford Press Publisher

Enid Hoffman "Develop Your Psychic Skills", 1981, Para Research, Inc.

Brad Steiger "Kahuna Magic”, 1971, Para Research Inc

Erika Nau "Self Awareness Through Huna”, 1981, The Donning Co. Publishers

Allen P. Lewis "Clearing Your Lifepath Through Kahuna Wisedom”, 1983, Homana Publications

Leinani Mellville "The Children Of The Rainbow”, 1969, The Theosophical Publishing Co.

Mary Kawena Pukui, and Samuel H. Elbert "Hawaiian Dictionary”, 3rd Edition, 1965, University of Hawaii Press

Bethal Phaigh “Gestalt and the Wisdom of the Kahunas”, DeVorss & Co, 1983

Sergio E. Serrano, Ph.D, “The Three Spirits - Applications of Huna to Health, Prosperity and Personal Growth”, 2008, Spiral Press

Samuel Sagan, M.D. "Awakening the Third Eye", 1997, Clairvision School Foundation

Morton Smith "The Secret Gospel", 1982, Dawn Horse Press

J. Edgar Bruns "The Forbidden Gospel", 1976, Harper and Row

Elaine Pagels "The Gnostic Gospels", 1979, Random House

Marcus Borg "The Lost Gospel - The Original Sayings Of Jesus”, 1996, Ulysses Press

Nag Hammadi Manuscript "The Gospel Of Thomas”, discovered in 1945.

Unity Church Booklet "Healing Thoughts”, 2005, Unity Press

Byron A. Lewis & R. Frank Pucelik "Magic Demystified", 1982, Metamorphous Press

Stuart Wilde "The Force”, 1984, Wisdom Press

Stuart Wilde "Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle", 1987, White Dove International

Stuart Wilde "Weight Loss For The Mind", 1994, Hay House Inc.

Stuart Wilde "Miracles", 1983, Hay House, Inc

Stuart Wilde "Affirmations", 1987, Hay House, Inc

Stuart Wilde "The Quickening", 1988, Hay House, Inc.

Stuart Wilde "The Trick To Money Is Having Some", 1989, Hay House, Inc.

Stuart Wilde "The Secrets Of Life", 1990, Hay House, Inc.

Stuart Wilde "Whispering Winds Of Change", 1993, Hay House, Inc.

Richard Bandler & John Grinder "The Structure of Magic I", 1975, Science and Behaviour Books, Inc

Richard Bandler & John Grinder "The Structure of Magic II", 1976, Science and Behaviour Books, Inc

Richard Bandler & John Grinder "Frog Into Princes - Neuro Linguistics Programming", 1979, Real People Press

Richard Bandler & John Grinder "Trans-Formations - Neuro Linguistics Programming and the Structure Of Hypnosis”, 1981, Real People Press

Richard Bandler & John Grinder "ReFraming - Neuro Linguistics Programming and the Transformation Of Meaning", 1982, Real People Press

Richard Bandler "Using Your Brain - for a CHANGE”, 1985, Real People Press

Bill Harvey "Mind Magic”, 1978, Ourobourus Press

E.T. Bell "Numerology The Magic Of Numbers”, 1945, California Institute of Technology

Sandra Kovacs Stein "Instant Numerology”, 1979, Newcastle book

Edward de Bono "Lateral Thinking”, 1970, Harper and Row

Richard Wilhelm "The Secret of The Golden Flower", 1962, Harvest/HJB Book

Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich”, 1937, Ralston Society

Ruby Nelson "The Door Of Everything", 1963, DeVorss & Co

Itzhak Benton "Stalking The Wild Pendulum", 1977, Bantam Books

Ernest Holmes "Seminar Lectures", 1980, Science Of Mind Publications

Ernest Holmes "This Thing Called You", 1948, Dodd, Meade, and Co

Ken Keys Jr "Handbook To Higher Consciousness", 1975, DeVorss & Co

Robert Collier "The Secret of The Ages", 1948, First Jeremy Tracher

Malinde Elliot Cramer and Fannie Brooks James "Divine Science Its Principle and Practice", 1957, Divine Science Church and College

Tom Graves "The Diviner's Handbook", 1976, Warner Destiny Books

David St. Clair "Lessons in Instant ESP", 1978, Signet Books

Claude M. Steiner "The Other Side Of Power", 1981, Grove Press Inc

Frederick Bailes "Hidden Power For Human Problems", 1957, Prentice-Hall Inc

Vera Stanley Alder "Finding The Third Eye", 1984, Samuel Weiser Inc

Joseph J. Weed "The Wisdom Of The Mystic Masters", 1968, Parker Publications

Carlo Suares "The Qabala Trilogy", 1967, Shambhala Publications House Inc

B.J. Fitzgerald, D.D. "The Ministers Guide and Service Manual", 1955, DeVross & Co

Horatio W. Dresser "The Quimby Manuscripts", 1961, Citadel Press

C.W. Leadbeater "The Science of The Sacraments", 1975, The Theosophical Publishing House, Inc

Alvin Boyd Kuhn "The Lost Keys To The Scriptures", no date nor publisher

Nicholas Flannel "Hieroglyphical Figures: Concerning Both The Theory and Practice of the Philosophers Stone", 1624, London Eagle and Child Inc

Dorelle Heisel “The Biofeedback Exercise Book”, 1974, Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers, Inc

Virginia Burden Tower “The Process Of Intuition”, 1975, the Theosophical Publishing House, Inc

Ron Smothermon, M.D. “Transforming #1”, 1982, Context Publications

P.D. Ouspensky “Tertium Organum, A Key To The Enigmas Of The World”, 1970, Vintage Books

Fintjof Capra “The TAO of Physics”, 1975, Shambhala Publications House Inc

Jane Roberts “The Nature Of Personal Reality”

“The Coming Of Seth”

“The Seth Material”

“Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity Of The Soul”

“The Education Of Oversoul Seven”

“The Unknown Reality - Volume One Of A Seth Book”

“The Unknown Reality - Volume Two Of A Seth Book”

George Ganow “One, Two, Three, Infinity - Facts and Speculations Of Science”

Robert E. Ornstein “The Mind Field”

James Allen “As A Man Thinketh”

Elisabeth Hatch “Initiation”

Alan Richardson “An Introduction to the Mystical Qabalah”

Melvin Powers “A Practical Guide To Hypnosis”

Paul Adams “The New Self Hypnosis”

Freda Morris “Self-Hypnosis In Two Days”

Leslie M. LeCron “The Complete Guide to Hypnosis”

“Hypnosis Today”

“Self Hypnotism”

Kahlil Gibran “The Voice Of The Master”

“Tears and Laughter”

“The Philospher”

“The Wanderer”

“The Professional”

“Spirit Rebellious”

Max B. Skousen “Christianity and EST”

Richard Gordon “Your Healing Hands”

Synthesis 2 “The Realization Of Self”

Harriette Augusta Curtiss & F. Homer Curtiss B.S., M.D. “The Key To The Universe”

“The Key Of Destiny”

John K. Ryan “The Confessions Of St. Augustine”

Ian Scott “The Lüscher Color Test”

Paul Williams “Das Energi”

Alfred Douglas “The Tarot”

John C. Lilly, M.D. “The Deep Self”

Dr. Edith Fiore “You Have Been Here Before”

Dr. Raymond Moody “Life After Life”, (I am one of the cases)

C. G. Jung “Psyche & Symbol”

Dr. Joseph Murphy “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind”

Theodor H. Gaster “The Dead Sea Scriptures”

Dr. Harold S. Streitfield & Howard R. Lewis “Growth Games”

Harold Cook & Joel Davitz “60 Seconds To Mind Expansion

Robert K. Wilcox “Shroud”

Ian Wilson “The Shroud Of Turin”

French-English Dictionary

Hawaiian-English Dictionary, 1865

Greek-English Dictionary

Spanish-English Dictionary

Hebrew-English Dictionary

I have had many more books, however, they have been "loaned" out (synonomous with "given") to friends, and never found their way home again.

This list does not include any of the electronic books (about 125) that I own, and used in my career as a Electronic Technical Documentation Consultant, nor the many fiction books that I have bought over the years. Guess you could say I like to read.