Detachment D, 6910th Radio
Squadron Mobile Reunion

Sept 6th - 8th, 2002

Held at the Hampton Inn, Las Vegas,

In 1955 I was stationed at Tempelhof AFB, Berlin Germany. I spent 4 years there. The outfit was Det. D, 6910th RSM. These are some of the people that I worked with in our mission. Our mission was the interception and translation of USSR ground and airborne radio traffic. We also monitored and tracked all radar emissions (my groups job) of ground and airborne radar. These radar emissions consisted of ground based long range search radar, height finder radars, missile control radars, airborne gun control radar, airborne bomb/navigation radar, and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) emissions. Most of the people in the following pictures were linguists. Some were multi-language skilled. All were dedicated, hard working, hard playing, hell-raising young Americans.

(All caption names indicate the characters - and they ARE characters - from left to right in the associated picture beside the caption.)

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Spencer Barksdale, Joe Davenport and Ken Collins (Ken was at Bingen, Sembach, a friend of Joe Davenport).

Jim Harden, Wife Rita, and Caryl Smyth

Jim, Rita, Caryl


Jerry Lewallen, and Rita Harden 

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